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#260925 - Tonight the girls suggested we swap partners again, so Gretchen grabbed my hand and Sue took Lou's hand, Lyn went with Rick, but I still headed for the caravan before Lyn got there, Gretchen happy to talk for awhile while she played with my cock, my fingers working her clit kept her horny too. I thought the others would come to see what the noise was, Sue quietened down some, but I kept up the pace, the big dildo fucking her butt hard, going all the way, then as Sue loosened up more I put my cock at her pussy entrance and shoved it in, boy it was tight, my cock and balls now fighting to retain their load, but this time I knew where I was going to shoot my seed. She told me she had always enjoyed watching porn movies and the different sexual kinks that most show, but so far had never met anyone that was into them like us, and that even Lou had never tried anal or kink with her, but after seeing him fuck my ass, she knew that bi sex was sure on the list of things to do now,

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Ignis scientia
Red heads are always a treat to watch
In the beginning this was going really good but then turned into a jerkfest
Sora takanashi
I feel you dawg