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#127114 - “Been looking forward to this point all night mate, your girl was great might have to come have another go soon” he says before pulling his fist back and punching me hard over and over again, until he knocks the chair back onto the floor breaking it completely As I open my eyes, I can’t remember what has happened for a second then it all comes flooding back to me, fear fills me completely, what have they done? I’m clearly still alive but what about Debbie? Where is she? I start to panic as I try to sit up noticing I’m no longer tied to the chair “Debbie?” I call out as pain shoots through me “I’m here babe, “ I hear her call back, I look up at the bed to see her restrained to the bed, I jump up as quickly as I can and stumble over to her noticing the two pillows shoved under her hips. He forces me into the chair we have at the end of the bed and uses some rope he pulls from his pocket to secure me in place, tight enough that I can’t move, I look up to see Debbie hand

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