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#13177 - Well I told him that Sharon Stone was visiting the hotel in secret as a Mrs Sarah Lynch and if he gave her this note she would give him her knickers as a present, then brayed with laughter as Sarah blushed bright red before going on, don't worry he thinks I am Kate Winslet and I have given him two pairs already. She went to knock but the door swung open at her touch, and the room took her breath away as it was massive and the view from the window absolutely stunning as she stood there trying to drink in all the luxury before her. There is a whole lot of years between then and now and there is a whole lot of marks on your body you didn't have the last time we were naked together.

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Meiko honma
The fuck am i supposed to do with this 8 seconds of a guy sticking his dick in a girl whose legs look like the turkey leg from thanksgiving dinner
Doris rurido
Tres cool
Mary read
Succhia succhia passerina