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#168414 - But my wife spread her legs wide open her ass jerking and swinging up and down as the very last bit was pushed into her ass and Snake Lady removed the needle from her ass and just held it as she stepped back and then got on her knees and told me come watch as the demon seed spreads!! I leaned down right with her head and saw red hot color and boiling hot seed spread up from her mound into her skin area turning it red blood red and spread further up into her lower ab then spread out to each side now fully covering her whole lower ab area my wife screaming!! She burning alive inside thrashing and jerking and her legs shook like hell her ass doing a dance about in the air as further it went all the way past my wife's navel now just two streams. And began pulling her hair together wrapping it around and around once she had it all gathered up put the bonnets all up and down her hair length and again twirled it about creating yet another princess like bu

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