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#239425 - My aunt also lives with us, Aunt Angie. You probably won't even be here for her birthday anyway He was right I guess. Angie pulled Amanda's hair and whispered something in her ear Amanda stood up and Angie started to take off her clothes, she took off her shirt and bra, she grabbed her sagging tits and put one in her mouth, sucking it while squeezing both of them You got old Mandy Angie said after she finished sucking Angie took off her pants in one motion and bent her over the bed roughly She spanked her ass so hard Amanda screamed Angie looked at Zac and nodded He didn't need more, he stepped forward, Aiming his hard dick Angie got on the bed in front of Amanda She kissed her face softly, then her lips She kissed her passionately Then Zac's cock touched her pussy Amanda's body started to shake How long has it been Mandy? Since you felt something deep in there? Angie talked softly, stroking her cheeks.

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