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#254000 - Harry didn’t taste like any man she’d tasted before, there was something different about the taste of an much older man Sharon thought, it wasn’t going to put her off sucking him but she wasn’t overly excited about it if she was honest. “Sure we can meet up again, to be honest I have missed seeing you too” Harry said, inside bubbling at the prospect of seeing his young lover again for the first time in months “I will call you in a few days I have to arrange a few things before I can let you know when we can meet up” “Ok but you make sure to call me I really can’t wait to meet up again Harry” Sharon said with a laugh, she felt her pussy begin to moisten again just thinking about having Harry again. Pete was good in bed but she had longed to have Harry’s big cock in her again on some nights with Pete, she had even imagined it was Harry not him with her on a few occasions.

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