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#191298 - Oh wait, wait, wait, I only need one bullet! The man with the gun says!. While looking through the scope he says, Holy shit! Those two people over there are so getting it on! The owner's eyes widden and says, Lemme take a look! So he looks through the scope and says, Oh my god! Thats my wife and some man! So just as the man was about to leave as he didnt have enough money at the time to buy the gun, the clerk says, Here are two bullets. The man gets the gun and looks through the scope and does checks on weight and such to see if it suits his style.

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Izumi takanashi
Think about james charles
Platinum the trinity
Some lucky guy will have you
This hentai is awesome i liked the part from 3 mins to 4
Cure march
I couldn t be more jealous