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#170645 - I could feel my cock begin to soften in Linda’s mouth as she eventually gave it one last suck and let it slip from her mouth to land with a thud on my lower belly. I told him I had been with two girls my own age, one slightly younger than me, the other a month or two older, I told him it was the result of a bet in school, which I lost, according to them, it was a win win for me. Linda was softly moaning, her teeth seemed to be chattering as if she was suffering from hypothermia, every time I’d lick her clit she’d cry out, “Oh my god, Oh my God, Oh my God” I didn’t know what else to do ? I’d no idea what was expected of me but she seemed to be liking what I was doing, I figured if I was doing something wrong she would have released me from her grip by now.

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