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#386559 - As the night progressed we both took on all the guys, and took turns having his dogs fuck us too, I guessed about 20 guys were here tonight, as Joy took on the black horse for her first one this weekend, the guys love seeing her ass or pussy taking his bog cock, they always cheer her on, I watched her let Steve shove his cock in her ass, Joy sniffing the amyl as Steve gave the horse plenty of mares scent to get him going. I took on the next horse, his cock going in nicely, it sure does help sniffing the amyl though to loosen our anus, as thier cocks are huge, but once in, what a feeling. So when Steve said he wanted to arrange another long weekend, we set it up for 2 weeks time, saying to make sure Carol comes along, but not to tell her about the money, as she might get upset.

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