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#337144 - Despite all the hype and talk, the swinging 60 wasn’t as swinging as it was made out to be, in 1961 I was 12 years old and sex was as far from my mind, as the sun, my cock had just one use and that was to pee with. Diane and I had been playing cards and wanted to play something different, so she got the Twister out, it was hard spinning the pointer and moving over the game sheet so she went and asked Hazel to come and play with us, I think she was board as she didn’t argue and came up to play, Diane and I went first and I won, so I stayed on to take Hazel on, it was as we played I kept trying to look up Hazels skirt, I wanted to see if she was like Diane, needless to say Hazel saw this and asked what I was doing, I explained I was trying to see if she had a slit between her legs like Diane, Hazel laughed saying of course she had, before I could say anything else Diane piped up, “Well he has a big sausage between his” Hazel nearly broke into fits of laughter but she could see the lo

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