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#39252 - its gonna be late when we get home I know She wrapped her arms around me and rested her head on my shoulder, within minutes she was sound asleep, I pecked her lips, I whisper you have no idea how incredibly much I love you The next hour seemed like a day, it started raining minutes after Julie fell asleep and it was so cold that the rain started forming into ice on the road I whisper to myself where the fuck are we I pulled off the highway it was two thirty in the morning and I needed gas, some how I managed to get out of the car holding Julie and place her in the back seat I closed the door and locked the car I walked into the deserted 24 hour gas station the cashier greeted me and went about her business um can you tell me where I am my wife drove me out here and I honestly have no idea where I am your in walterboro south Carolina where ya headed north Florida thanks I went to drain the main vein I walked out and

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Shunsuke imaizumi
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Man the throatfuck is great but your obedience and the conversation is makes it that much more stimulating amazing job