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#50010 - I went all the way down Ahhhhh he screamed oh my god Matty , you deep throat ? ,go all the way back down . We got to my room he looked around nice room , but mine is bigger he said as if it was as competition that's nice i said sarcastically , you live on Main with all the gigantic houses it doesn't surprise me you have a bigger room i know , but your house is okay i guess i assume your family makes some money to afford this money was a touchy subject for me ,my family was okay we didn't want for nothing but while i was driving a Honda accord he had a Lexus . so what if i am i said he was speechless i then grabbed his crotch and started massaging his cock through his jeans he didn’t move he just looked at me wh,,what are you doing he said making you feel better i said i got on my knee's in front of him and started to lick his crotch soaking up his jeans His dick was jumping in his jeans he then stared to touch my head his eyes w

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