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#167747 - Mike did come back and we did do it in allmost ever room in the house and he eaven took me down in the woods one day and we got up on one of the big logging machines and he fucked me up in the seat of the machine . But I still rember the fun we had,! I wonder if the operator of the logging machine figured out what that big wet spot was in the seat of that big logging machine ?? Really I haven't had an affair with anyone before this event and haven't had one since Sill haven't let my husband fuck my ass , but I finally did give him a blow job, ha AND MY HUSBAND NEVER KNEW ?. Mike has shown me how to suck a man untill he commes , I HAVEN'T DID THAT WITH MY HUSBAND YET, and he has eaven got that big dick of his up in my ass ! MY husband hasn't got that eather, ha ha, The logging job ended and it was hard for Mike to get out to my house very often and I also started Nursing school and wasn't at home all day as I was back then.

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