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#423989 - I began to slowly withdraw my shaft from her hole but then stopped and eased myself back into her arse, Julia let out a painful cry telling me to stop, l didn’t listen and said if she let me get her pregnant then l would stop, but the faster l began fucking her arse hole her cries of discomfort turned to cries of enjoyment. There was no slow start l was fucking her hard, sliding a hand under her top to squeeze and mould her tit, Julia was ordering me not to stop, but l was ready to deliver my creamy load deep inside her and gave a hard thrust, my balls tightened and l held the position as a stream of hot sticky liquid ran through my shaft to fill Julia’s womb, neither one of us moved we stay locked together panting trying to catch our breaths. I got the handcuffs and cuffed her hands behind her back she wriggled to the edge of the bed and raised her bum for me to slap, Julia gave a low moan and said “harder” and that’s what she got, l grabbed the bamboo cane and whipped her across th

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