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#301657 - She glided her hand over her face as she pulled her face free once again to remove the water from her eyes, she slide them down her slender neck and down to her ample bosom, her nipples were hard and erect, but she didn’t need a bodily function to tell her she was horny, she moved her hands to each of her shoulders cuddling her breasts tight to her body like a new born babe, slowly she dragged her nails down and then back up her arms several time releasing and griping her beasts each time, she remember how she and her Husband would make love in the shower when Charles was out of the house, this simple memory sent a surge though her womanhood that was already thoroughly drenched, she moved her right hand to her left breast giving it a soft yet firm squeeze, she could feel the fat of her breasts congeal between her fingers, she slowly released her breast sending her finger to the hard nipple that had been poking her palm, she grasped it with thumb and index fingernails, her left hand imm

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