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#395922 - One day while eating her meal Ayame asks Rikimarue if it really is all about money? Rikimarue laughs and says In the begining it was for the money and watching you get brutally raped by all types of demons but things have changed, the demons have promised to teach me the dark arts, the ability to harness and manipulate dark energy . Merik says Is this the Taimanin you told me about? The one who thinks she can raise her Orc Son? Rikimarue smiles and says Yes, she's not to smart but she is sexy, I've tried to tell her that her Orc Son would rape and impregnate her the first chance he got but she's stubborn . Rikimarue feeds Ayame three times a day everyday, he taunts her everyday by asking her questions like if the horse demon impregnates you would your baby be a demon Centaur? Ou - Chan is a giant monster, if he impregnates you could you even survive giving birth to his child? She ignores his taunts by focusing on the multiple scenarios that play in her head.

Read Pussy To Mouth 放課後のギャルはエロエロビッチ(Chinese) - Original Nylons 放課後のギャルはエロエロビッチ(Chinese)

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