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#213407 - First starting at the tops of my shoulders moving the bar of soap about, now down to my chest over to each of my arms, down over my stomach scrubbing off the remnants of last nights 'duties' that had matted the hair of my happy trail to my abdomen. Abby is sitting next to the window so I place my hand on her thigh slowly creeping my way towards her pussy I glide my hands over her smooth, shaven pussy and I begin rubbing her clit, very slowly her hips grind in circles around the the pleather of the bus seats she lets out a small moan she grasps me by the wrist and whispers into my ear, Save some for later Dylan Okay I reply I look over at Lizzy and Andy, still engrossed in conversation. Then I remembered that I had to get my bag for next period I ran back to my study hall room, grabbed my bag and went to US History class.

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