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#349157 - Where you say there should be more men. Sitting Sitting and observing The world As it goes… there I don’t know What to keep from it My old body Just does not want to know My old shirt Lies on the ground I think it was from somewhere My eyes sparkle but I do not want to know My family is here somewhere Why do I keep on trying There are tears in me I am trying to share But the body prevents it From lying Still from somewhere There are tunes that do not need to be played I prefer The silence As it is always… walking towards me The shrill cry The never going back And I say time is rude Let me stay a little while But I am just sitting And there is a hole in me I want to know more Or at least hide from I cannot… share The emptiness I feel is continuous My family… My mother is old now And she will die I cannot stand the thought And as we draw close There is a shudder My Body Is Pulverized

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