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#112926 - I don’t know why but Rose told me how she was on her period and had a tampon stuffed deep inside her she talked about it as if it was really sexy maybe the fact that she knows she’s becoming a real woman turns her on it is definitely turning me on I’m hard as a rock I didn’t even hesitate to let her touch me she continued to rub the head of my cock while I poked at her wet clit. After gym class i didn’t see that girl for the rest of the day until my last period in science class her eyes were immediately were fixed towards mine and the shit thing was there was a spare seat next to me I shouldn’t have to worry to much as my friend was on the other side of me so I just paid most of my attention to him , Rose sat next to me logged into her computer and didn’t say a word to me she had some special teacher next to her. Rose took control of the whole situation saying we should take turns kissing each other and touching each others boobs, Jenny’s boobs were about the same size as Rose and

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