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#252201 - I knew that Lucy liked me and I always thought maybe me and her would do it together, as they grew, they grew more and more different, Beth developed a beauty spot on her forehead and that was how I usually told them apart, and Lucy was recognizably skinnier than her sister. Lucy's looked rather similar, except hers was of a darker color, she was also shaven, I was just about to get to sticking my cock into Beth's slit but then I thought, I should probably give them a little oral as well, I started rubbing on both of their pussies, they both smiled instantly as they felt the touch of my fingers on their wet pussies, I proceeded to use my knowledge from porn to hit the right spot, I stuck my index finger in to the hole of their slit whilst using my thumb to stimulate the clit, they were both loving it, it wasn't long before try we're both moaning like crazy, it sounded like a choir practice, Lucy had never given herself an orgasm before and she was shocked when juic

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