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#214702 - Kyle of course didn't hear him because his hand was moving quickly on his shaft while his eyes were closed and his own moans filling his ears, he felt himself close to release and he automatically brought his feet up with his heels being on the edge of the chair so his legs were bent and spread just in time before he was coming with soft but harsh moans, his eyes opened as he spilled himself on his stomach and what he didn't know was Zack was standing there quietly watching him with an erection growing in his pants which soon enough squirted precum in his boxers from the next thing Kyle did. Kyle froze his every action as he heard his name call and he looked up to the window seeing Zack standing there a smirk on his face, looked back to the computer screen which showed two men, one on his knees infront the other giving head and he shut down the computer quickly and got up.

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