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#139234 - After about five minutes, April asked, How's it coming??? Pretty good, answered Wendy, take a look, and then handed April a mirror so she could get a good look at her crotch! Wow, April commented, you took off quite a bit, but I think you should make it a little shorter, don't you!?! Yeah, I think so, Wendy replied, while running her hand through April's now shortened bush, I think it could stand a little more! As her hand moved through April's bush, Wendy's finger encountered a hard protruding member in the thick sea of hair! My gosh, April, your clit is hard as a rock!!! April shuddered a little and answered softly, You just wait until I do you, see how you feel when someone's fingers and pawing all over your cunt! It was then that Wendy noticed that her friend's nipples were now as erect as her clitoris! Never having touched another girl's crotch, Wendy was still fascinated by t?he reaction April had to her touch, and with a

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Akane serizawa
Thats such a big production value i would love to watch this kind of porn more