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#332808 - Ray got up to go to the bathroom,perfect, i thought to myself, I will use this as a excuse to see what Kevs mom is doing I gotta go to, Kev , can i use the bathroom upstairs? Kev looked at me kinda funny, ummm ya, why you asking? I bent over to reach for my shorts Kev said, Mom is passed out, she wont wake up, just stay naked, As a matter of fact, I DARE YOU to go up naked Ok i said, almost to quickly, and practically ran to the bottom of the stairs But was quiet going up them, so i could sneak up on her My heart was racing by the time i got to the top 3 of the top stairs always creaked unless you placed your weight And foot to either side, and yet i forgot in my excitement I had to pass through the kitchen to get to the bathroom upstairs, Before i could take my foot off the top stair i heard his mom Move around on the couch She obviously didnt go to her room , and went on with the charade That she was passed out, so i went along with it After a few seconds go by, i

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Makino yagami
Ya le sacaste la leche y a mi no me sacan desde el 20 de abril jaja
Natsuki sakaki
We love this gorgeous woman and her gorgeous forms like if she drives you crazy too
Mikoto suoh
Her snap doesn t even work lol