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#327867 - Chapter 1 Stephs intro to oral sex This story is purely fiction I was walking with my friend from school he lived 3 houses away from me so we spend alot of time together while we were walking he asked me if i wanna come chill at his house for a while well i didint wanna go home and face my sisters they are brats so i agreed and followed him into his house we were chillen in his room for a while until he asked me if i have ever done anything with a guy i didint know what he ment by done anything so he went under his bed and pulled out this magazine with naked ladies on it and opened up to a page were it had a girl sucking a mans doodle and yes were both 15 and say doodle so he ment sexual things the most sexual thing ive done with a guy is kiss him on the lips so i told him no he said hasnt done anything with a girl either and asked me if i wanna try doing what the 2 people were doing my first thought was ew yuckie i asked him isint that were your pee comes from he to

Read Negro Kore ga Kaseifu Nandesuka?! - Original Gay Anal Kore ga Kaseifu Nandesuka?!

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