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#238644 - In her dream Ayame is taking a long, hot shower when her now adult Orc Son knocks on the door and says Mother I need to use the bathroom can I come in? , Ayame says Sure Son come in , the door wasn't locked so her Orc Son opens the door and walks in, Ayame notices that he has a hulge bulge in his shorts and she says is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? . Between his grunts and her moans she can hear his balls slap against her until her Orc Son moans and says Get pregnant you fucking cunt and he shoots his sperm deep inside her pussy. Rikimarue smiles and says Do you remember your life as a Taimanin? how many demons you killed ? Ayame says Yes master I remember and I'm so ashamed that I was part of an organization that would hunt and kill demons .

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