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#288630 - After four or five minutes, I snuff out the cigarette, then hop up on the kitchen counter and spread my legs apart. I assure him that he is the man of the house when his father is away, but he complains, But you never let me have sex with you! I take a few moments to think of a reply, then say to him, Tommy, to be truthful with you, I have been thinking about having sex with you recently. I take a few puffs on the cigarette, then say to Tommy, Did you like having your cock squirt sperm inside your Mommy? Tommy immediately says, Oh Mom, I have been wanting to fuck you my whole life! You would not believe how many times I masturbated while thinking of you walking around in your bikini! Now, I finally got to shoot my load in your pussy instead of a paper towel! As I smoke my cigarette and we continue our conversation, I notice Tommy's cock is still hard and he is beginning to slowly fuck me again.

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