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#379445 - Besides the lights, the next thing that seemed out of the ordinary was the smell, the moment he closed the front door behind him, he detected the aroma of burning incense. Hey Syl, look at this will ya, the master said laughingly, I think he liked out little performance!!! In utter shame Fred bowed his head, unable to hide his erection from the taunting black giant! Staring down at the two white slaves, the master thought for a few minutes on what to do with them, until a wide grin spread across his face, he had just the plan for this short dicked little pecker head, and he was sure he wasn't going to like it one little bit!!! Grabbing Fred by the hair, the master pulled him roughly to the edge of the bed until his face was only inches from the now low hanging piece of black meat that only moments before had been buried deep in his wife's pussy! In a hard caustic voice the master asked Fred, Your white bitch ju?st loves sucking this black pecker, I think you're

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