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#121591 - “oh hell yes” I said with baited breath “just want I needed” I wasted no time and grabbed his shorts to pull them all the way off I wanted to see his ass and balls to I wasn’t disappointed by either he had a nice smooth ass and big balls the kind that make a thud when the slap against your ass or chin I rapped one hand around his balls and squeezed and rubbed them gently whilst I used one of my fingers to slid from his taint and crack I used the other hand to slowly stroke the shaft of his member and gently rub the mushroom knob this made him moan louder “oh yeah that’s the way bitch boy”. After a quick stall he grabbed some keys and said “you’re the first so far I’m not into time wastes you’re not a time waster or going to be a pain in the ass with rent or noise or party’s” he looked back as he led me down the path towards a tall building that looked like a farm stable but not too shabby I glanced into his eyes gulped and shook my head vigorously in a no formation. But I obviously

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