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#410906 - I was now massaging both sides of her cheeks and she wasn’t stopping me. I let my forefinger enter her pussy and she reacted by pushing her butt down on my hand, she wanted me deeper, soon I was driving my hand deep into her pussy and soon thereafter she had a mind blowing orgasms. Then one day I came up with a new plan I said “mom I really appreciate you helping me out but I might have to find a new person to practice with” “But why” “Well I am kind of embarrassed to tell you” “Come mike spill the beans” “Well you see when I go to class the instructor tells us that when we do massages in the real world, people are usually nude and covered by a towel, it makes it easier to massage the body that way, and I didn’t want to embarrass you by telling you that” Mike, don’t be silly, I can lay on a table nude we just have to make sure I have a big towel to cover me, that’s all” “Are you sure MOM I don’t want you felling awkward” “No problem, honey, if that is how it is done, that is

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