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#209788 - I felt him place the palm of his hand face up on my pussy, his fingers gently rubbing it, half an inch forth, half an inch back. “This place stinks, you’ve just managed to kill the last little ozone we had left with that hairspray of yours! It’s a natural repellant to animals and people alike. We decided to spend the last night on what we called the playground, which is really a couple of miles long stretch of cobble-stoned pavement squeezed between the beach and the busy street, a stone’s throw away from the famous amusement park boardwalk, packed with pubs, restaurants, fish’n’chips places, souvenir shops, filigrees, antique bookstores, tattoo parlors, outdoor cafes and the rest of the touristy attractions, which if one has not spent all their money yet will certainly milk you dry of your last penny.

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