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#43485 - He lay still for a while then rolled beside her, “Well sis do I come up to standard”? “What do you think” she slipped down the bed and started sucking his limp cock, “Hold on sis, I’m not to be use like a sex thing” “Why not, now I’ve had a taste of you, you don’t think I’ll stop now, and besides, I need to see if you can manage Shelley and me together” he had forgotten about Shelley, but she didn’t matter right now, his sister was giving him a great blow job. Kissing his way up her body he stops to tongue her navel a little continuing up her gives her nipples a nip, now his cock is pressing against her pussy, he looks up, Emily smiles and push’s down with her hips, feeling this David push’s up, his cock slips in like a hot knife in butter, Emily give a groan, “Oh fuck Oh fuck” David pulls back and hold still, Emily pulled his head down and kiss’s him, her tongue forcing it way into his mouth, David push’s back, with slow movements he starts fucking her, Emily has had a few boyfriends

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Patricia thompson
Love this vid i was upset cause i couldnt find it the day after i watched it saw it today like fuck yes found the gem