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#245202 - Tiffany and i started meeting up on our own and progressed further each time from cuddles to cuddling in bed until finally i get kissed by her even tho she was super shy but i knew this would have booster her confidence. Moving on after this girl there were more girls here and there over the year saying they were gonna bang me and sending me nudes but here i am almost a year and a half later still a virgin im about 3 months away from turning 15 and still haven't been kissed since kindergarten so you could say im having a slow start to my world of kinky fuckery. Once Amy came in we sat and tried to get rid of the awkwardness between us Amy was more of a emotional romantic girl so it was hard to separate the sex from romance with her well this was her first time so i gotta take it slow we managed to swing a couple of light kisses here and there but it just wasn't working so i suggested we count to 3 and we both touch each other i touch her on the boobs she touche

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