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#333156 - The race finished ,the winner belonged to Mandy, every one was cheering and the bored looks now gone, each women seemed to be showing more interest in me now than before, my wine intake seemed to increase, I was so horny, each time a sexy woman talked to me they seemed to touch me in a very intimate way, subtly but arousing, i didn't mind any more as i felt so content and filled with thoughts of me and Joan. Joan was talking quietly to Many, who kept glancing at me and smiling, my glass was never more than half empty before it was refilled, i was feeling very tipsy and enjoying the moment , suddenly a very drunk lady stood in front of me and grinned, then slowly walked around me brushing her hand over me as if she was steadying herself, her hands lingered on my breasts and slowly ran over my hard nipples, mmmmm she said slowly with a cruel hungry smile, you ever handled a horse honey, i mean really handled one, mmmm i would love a trophy like you hun, i hope you, perform as god a

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