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#243535 - Cindy wakes up and realizes that she can't move, to her left is a very large mirror and she can see in the reflection that she's bent over a bench, her legs are spread wide exposing her labia and anus, her ankles have handcuffs around and are attched to large bolts on the floor and her hands are bound together with handcuffs that are also attached to a large bolt on the floor. The large masked man leaves the room for several minutes and comes back with 2 very large 150 pound French Mastives { I think that's how it's spelled } dogs and a jar of honey. several minutes later he enters the room and he takes off Cindys handcuffs and drags her to the bathroom where he says Take a shower bitch and wash all of that dog cum off you .

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Nejire hado
I want to touch your ass
Saki kidajima
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