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#315886 - A loud moan escaped my mouth out of my control, once I felt his fingers rubbing my hard clit while another finger was sinking deep inside my love hole, Raul smiled, moved to my other side till I was in the middle between them, he started pulling his hard cock out of his shorts’ front slit, held my hand and placed it over his cock. I meet my clients on my job through very discrete connections that are not publicized at all, I am good at keeping secrets, that is why my clients last very long with me, especially when they enjoy my company and the special unlimited services I usually give, which I am really good at, not bragging about it, but I was told so, by almost all my clients and friends. Almost all clients in this case are very rich, very important and discrete, sensitive people, most of them would be older ones of forties, fifties or even older, but there are the younger, handsome and active ones who would look for such things, due to lack of pleasure they have at home, either

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Elle viano
I wanted to add it to my favorites because of how she was done prone but i can t stop to think that it must ve been painful
Toru acura
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