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#317902 - ” With several hundred yards still to be covered before reaching the parking lot, Ashley grabbed blindly for her husband’s arm as she slowly began to pass out do to heat exhaustion! With her thoughts drifting away she slipped into unconsciousness!!! She was dreaming, she had to be!!! It was so vivid and real but it couldn’t really be happening! It was if she had been swept back in time, back to the days when the Apache and the pony soldiers literally fought to the death! She was all alone below small hill when she heard the sound of hoof beats coming from afar! She strained her eyes against the bright sun and could only make out a silhouette of a man approaching on horse back. The closer he got the more fearful she became! When he was only several hundred yards away she could plainly see the six foot long war bonnet flowing in the air behind the most powerful looking man she had ever seen in her life! Muscles that looked like they were chiseled from a piece of reddish stone glistened

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