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#132220 - I had to excuse myself at this point as nature was calling and as our room was closer than the public toilets I excused mysef, Megan at this point asked if she could use our toilet also, Megan brought up the subject of the god We'd seen earlier and said he got her quite turned on, Robb it seem'd wasnt really blessed in the cock department and although she loved him she seem'd very curious about the other guy and Stu. I laid her down kept kissing her but also remembered Stu, it was about to get hotter. I'd decided to go all out I wore a black little tube dress, high heels and kept my long blond hair down, after applying a little makeup I felt good, Stu came up behind me as I stood at the mirror and pressed his cock agains me which I was please to feel was quite hard, just at that there was a knock at the door, Robb and Megan had arrived, Stu and I would fuck later the wait would only intensify what was to cum.

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