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#355762 - I begin thrusting into him as he moan his ass tightens on my dick as I here Sonya cumming and she is loud I reach around Rob and squeeze her breast when I pull out and push bad in and I hit it spot Rob begs telling me that he can’t hold it as I tell him to cum with his ass muscles squeezing my dick and I groan I feel my balls are drawing up and I know I am about to cum as I begin thrusting harder going deeper and when I explode I feel my eyes roll in the back of my head I catch myself we don’t want to fall on Sonya’s belly. I look at them both and my dick gets hard I go to my desk and get lube as I pull my pants down and coat my dick and I run my slick fingers in his crease and put my finger in his ass as I prepare him to take my dick. I help her up and say let’s go home Sara has been informed and will be taking care of Daisy until the baby comes and once she is born their will be a DNA test done and Daisy will be no more.

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