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#265196 - The stars above dot the midnight sky, As the full moon castes a watchful eye, As we walk along the deserted sand, Our arms swing gently, hand in hand, I cannot help but stop and stare, As the moonlight shines in your hair, As the stars alight your pretty face, I feel my heartbeat start to race, Without another soul around, We lay our blanket on the ground, As I watch the starlight reflect in your eyes, Like the tide around us, my passions rise, Our bodies together, we begin to lock, Like a ship that’s nestled in it’s dock, Surrounded by nothing but the stormy sea, Soon we are the lovers we long to be, As we join together we begin to ride, Like a boat set sail amongst the tide, Our bodies entwined in constant motion, Like a ship set sail on a stormy ocean, Your pleasure in waves as you call for more, Like the waves crashing into the shore, When it’s over we keep each other warm, Calming, like the sea after a storm, We lie together in each others reach, Just two

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Miyabi kagurazaki
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Beautiful i like it
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I love her