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#30381 - With that Sally began to refresh our glasses of wine whilst Peter brought the sun lounge in from the balcony and set it up in the middle of the room, he then suggested to Sally that she may like to slip into something more casual, but she snapped that her bikini was quite comfortable, especially considering that we guys were dressed in our bathers. They both said to give Jan there love and mentioned that it was a real shame as they had a great night. My response was thanks mate, but doesn’t your wife have a say in this! Peter laid out his plan, he would ask Sally if she would like to go up to the room for a massage and that would be my cue to ask her if she had ever tried a massage with four hands on her body at the same time, I could then follow this up with volunteering to join them in their room to be Peter’s assistant and that I would do anything that he requested.

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