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#279928 - They never intended to have a physical relationship but after talking on the phone for 8 months after her first private messaging him she was head over heals and could not wait any longer to meet him so they organised to meet and have a few drinks as friends but after a few minutes of being alone he took her in his arms and kissed her gently running his hand along her tanned face and then through her long dark hair. looking back on that first day she met her sweetheard lina knew shed be with him for a very long time no man could please her the way he could she kissed him deeply spanking his ass down boy !!!!!!. their bodies tensed up and he moaned he pussy tensing around his large penis as it pulsated against her cumming pussy walls fluid filling her vagina as they both took a final gasp of relief from the sexual tension they had been feeling his large musculine body fell ontop of her smiling and brushing his fingers throu her hair as he kissed her with passion She

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Your sighs and moans are unbelievably erotic _so_ fun and enjoyable i think that i could get off with you via an mp3 podcast alone you are so beautifully aurally sexual and sensual