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#226534 - today my mom and dad were going on a vacation and wouldnt be back till the first saturday of next month so me and my hot brother was going to be alone my brother has always been hot to me it weird but her was sexy he had long hair and he always wore shorts as i went down stairs that morning my brother was already awake cooking and i grabed a class of juice and i found a note and i said hey mark mom and dad left a note he dried his hands and walked over and he was very stunning he wasnt wearing a shirt and he stole the note and read it out loud it read dont do anything me and your dad wouldnt do so we put down the note and i went upstairs to take a shower when i got into the bathroom i undressed and then got in and i was thinking about stuff me and my brother could do while mom and dad were away and when i did all my thoughs where about fucking him and blowing him and i reached down and started rubing my clit and up and down my slit and then i felt eyes on me and we had a s

Read Salope MOUSOU Mini Theater 22 - Kodomo no jikan Double MOUSOU Mini Theater 22

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Aaand why are you posting the full thing here
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