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#17948 - After food I went to my bedroom and she followed, I asked her to change and I changed into shorts and lay down on the bed, but she was still standing, she had no clothes to wear, I asked her if she would wear one of my shorts, she agreed, she took the shorts went into the bathroom and came out, I couldn't stop laughuing because it was quite loose, I told her to lie down on the same bed and we would watch a movie, I put one soft core Blue movie on the VCR and we watched, it was in story form of a boy and girl falling in love and on an occasion the girl is hurt and he takes her home and when he is taking her clothes off and applying medicine they both get excited and embrace each other, as we watched the movie I put an arm around her, and my cock got erected, as ittouched her at first she could not understand but as I continued to rub it on her hips she moved a little forward and said she would go and do the utensils, I stopped her and told her I am her brother and she is my sister

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Zoe drake
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