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#245731 - She was far more adjusted to those sought after Sanadal perversions than many other noble girls who thought too highly of themselves, but Zendar didn't want to push her too far, to places he himself was reluctant to go. I'm now full with your love, your seed and your piss, but later I will eat some fruits, I promise!” With feline grace she skittered across the floor, and kissed him on his naked chest. ” Zendar, who hadn't received such an important summons in all his years as head of the Lomon house, was surprised and found himself at a loss for words, but after a puzzled look and a gently nudge by Kondur he found his voice and said to the emissary: “Please inform your Lady Dara that I will be honored to be in her presence, and I am looking forward to participate in one of her legendary orgies”.

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