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#385794 - I looked at her then back towards the stallion, looking back at her swollen engorged pussy lips and the glistening sheen down her thighs, i realized where the smell of sex and perfume had come from earlier, i now smiled and slowly pushed my self to my knees, Sara, When they brought you in the first time , they were just trying to humiliate you, you didnt need to suck his cock, you were meant to be my reward, but when you started to fuck him, i just hid and watched, i didn't have time to turn off the cameras, but you are good,, and now we can both keep him satisfied , Peta turned and flicked off the lights, taking my hand and slowly we walked to the stallion , holding hands we both knelt down and softly started to get him hard,. maybe i was smelling my self, so i just sat huddled in the corner, feeling so ashamed but strangely turned on, looking over at the champ busy eating hay, i started to wonder what it would feel like to have him inside me, then drifted into sleep. I stutter

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