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#255979 - Both boys fell to the wooden floor exhausted and finally the silence was broken with a simultaneous “I love you” and went to sleep unsure with what laid ahead except for the facts that they loved each other and they will never let themselves be separated from each other. When this was done, Tavo and Pepe ran as fast as they could, avoiding the streets so no one that could recognize them will see them, then came twilight, around 6 o clock they were far from the convent, near the railroad tracks, they were supposed to wait till midnight in a abandoned lot in a old and forgotten building hoping to catch a train that will get them far away, they knew that in another city, another state, even another country then they will have better chances of getting to another nursery so instead of getting caught they waited checking what they had brought. “Tavo” “Uuh yeah?” “You were thinking about it too right?” “Yeah, maybe we could check that magazine” “Let us look at it” The

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Damn she s fine as fuck he s kind of whack though