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#29980 - I couldn’t help but tense up clenching my ass tight around his dick, I wasn’t in pain, Ryan was far to gentle to hurt me but that was my natural reaction to the strange new feeling of having a dick in me, even after he was as deep as he could go I continued to clench up around the base of his dick. On the hand I was panicking, scared, and nervous, screaming inside my own head to stop… to turn back, but on the other hand I just didn’t care, I wanted him to… needed him to even if it was just for a second, at that moment I just had to have Ryan inside of me. I rolled Ryan over onto his stomach moved down and started back eating his ass again, he was writhing with pleasure as I licked his hole again and again, my dick grew harder in an instant, knowing I was giving Ryan pleasure was just so exciting to me and I couldn’t wait anymore.

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Morrigan aensland
Like the head wrap reminds me of when my wife sucked my dick for the first time
Woooww i love this
Kanako sumiyoshi
Very hot