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#26643 - Of course I did not know what a virgin was nor did I know that I would not be one for very much longer, but I did know that I was having pleasure I had never had before. He knelt me on the bed and opened my cleft up then licked and tongued my little hole until I was moaning with the pleasure of it then I felt him putting gel around and inside of my hole and his still wet cock was pushed against my hole until it seemed to burst in and I felt really uncomfortable but he said if I loved him I would let him keep it in which I did. He carried me upstairs to his bedroom and laid me on the bed then very gently opened my legs and gently run his hand between them feeling my little panties as he bent over to kiss me and put his magic tongue into my mouth.

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Ushiwakamaru alter
That body is amazing
Hokuto ijuuin
Great body
Takato matsuki
I like your handy work you take what he did give you and put it on toast for him