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#80090 - When i was ready i walked out of the bathroom and into Dale and Keniesha’s bedroom she was in there waiting for me but Dale wasn’t in the room yet Keniesha took my hand and took me into her dressing room that had a makeup table and mirror with lights on it and told me to sit down. ‘WOW you look amazing Jayden’ ‘Thankyou Dale’ i said Why don’t you climb up on the bed Jayden Keniesha said so i climbed up on the bed and moved over to dale who had taken off his robe and i could see his beautiful black body and his huge hard cock that i had sucked when he was in the hospital, I crawled over the bed to where Dale was laying and he pulled me up to him and gave me a gentle loving kiss while his hands roamed over my back then he moved one hand to my front where he played with my tits and nipples making them hard for him. I grab the bag with the clothes in it and go to the spare bathroom that has a shower and bathtub in it i put the bag on the chair and strip off my top and skirt then my br

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