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#228171 - mmmmmph” Charlie is yelling out “oh god that’s it…that’s it…fuck…right there…cuuummming!” as Charlie pops I feel Denise’s pussy constrict, then the wash of hot fluid along my shaft, my balls start their climb, Denise is continuously moaning at a high pitch, like she’s screaming into Charlie’s cunt “ummmmmmmmm” I feel the surge pushing down my shaft “awww fuck…. I push it all the way home, until my balls are resting against her ass, and hold it there as she screams “ohmyfuckinggodit’srippingmeopen…. yesssssss” I let her ease down from her orgasm, as her breathing returns to somewhat normal I say “okay girls time to change, Denise you’ll be up here, Charlie, you get to ride”.

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Riko saikawa
I can see why your hips and bouncing would do it every time simply delicious ass and pussy
Thank you maybe in next hentai